What I like with Aspire Cleito

Review: Aspire Cleito (Smudge Away From Perfection)


Lightweight and Short

This Aspire Cleito is an amazingly lightweight sub ohm tank and measures 22mm in distance across. It is additionally very short and much shorter than the past Aspire sub ohm tanks.

Fabulous Flavor

The flavor on the 0.4ohm Clapton kanthal loop head was awesome. Given this tank costs a small amount of what the other best tanks cost, we were extremely amazed (positively)! Truly, the flavor is up there with tanks like the Crown, Herakles Plus and Rafale – goodness!


This Cleito tank can be verified for around $17.99 – $22.95 on the web. This makes it around a large portion of the expense of some other sub ohm tanks. Despite everything you get an extra Pyrex glass, just as two Kanthal loops with the Cleito unit. The tank while feeling exceptionally light and essentially assembled, doesn’t really feel inexpensively made. Curl trades cost around $20 for 5 pieces which isn’t as shabby as different loops, however isn’t excessively awful. I can’t remark on the loop life span yet, however in the event that you have any involvement with having utilized them over a more drawn out period, kindly do contribute in the remarks area. Your input is in every case much valued!

Enormous Airflow and Massive Clouds

The wind stream on the Aspire Cleito is truly enormous. It is airier than on the Herakles Plus for example and is one of the most stretched out wind currents we have gone over. This joined with those Clapton loops, guarantees MASSIVE mists! On the off chance that you appreciate mists and flavor, you won’t be baffled by the Aspire Cleito.

Simple Top Fill

The best fill is very simple to utilize and there is a lot of room for re-filling.