How to Make Candied Edible Flowers

Here’s a rundown of things you have to make these delightful Sugared Edible Flowers. Nonetheless, don’t stress in the event that you don’t have everything; you can utilize what you find around your home. This is an incredible task to include your children as well! A pleasant method to illuminate them about blooms and their edible assortments.

Instruments and Materials

– Edible blooms (washed and free of pesticides)

– Scissors

– Pasteurized fluid egg whites

– Tweezers

– Small paintbrush

– Superfine sugar

– Baking plate

– Waxed Paper


1. Cut the stem of the bloom.

2. Weaken the purified fluid egg whites with some water(about 1-2 tbsp). Holding a blossom with tweezer, brush the egg-white mix on all surface with a little paint brush.

3. Spot on a plate secured with waxed paper, and permit to dry. Rehash for all blooms.

4. Enable the blooms to remain in a warm, dry spot until fresh, around 2 to 4 days, turning them around (particularly the bigger blossoms) normally so dampness does not gather underneath them.

5. When dry, store them in a sealed shut glass container. These Candied Flowers will keep for at any rate multi month in a dry spot.
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